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Customers are often curious about our manufacturing equipment. On this page we will include our capabilities and equipment specifications.

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Creative Die Mold Equipment List:

High Speed CNC Steel Cutting Machining Centers
          1 Makino V-33
          1 Okuma Howa Millac 5IIV 20x40x20
          2 Yasda YBM-640V 25,000-RPM Spindle
          1 Matusuura MX-520 5 Axis

High Speed CNC Graphite Cutting Machining Centers
          1 Makino E33 High Speed VMC for Graphite & Hard Milling
          2 Makino SNC 64 25,000-RPM Spindle
          1 Fanuc Robot M710i B45

CNC Machining Centers
          1 HAAS EC1600 40X60 HOR.
          1 LEADWELL 32X64 MCV-1650
          1 Hurco VMX 64x34
          1 Pratt & Whitney Drillmate SR. 14x24
          1 SL 2500 Mori Seiki Lathe

Toolmaker Friendly CNC Machining Centers
          1 Hurco BMC 30 Ultimax 3 SSM CTL 17x30
          2 Hurco BMC 16x24
          4 Hurco VMI Machining Center
          2 Hurco VMX30 20x30

CNC Sinker EDM Centers with Tool Changers
          2 Makino EDNC 65S EDM
          1 System 3R Work Master Robot
          1 Lablond Makino EDNC-43 5 Axis Drop Tank
          1 Charmilles Robo Form 51-Drop Tank
          1 Charmilles Robo Form 40-Drop Tank
          2 Charmilles Robo Form 30

CNC Wire EDM Dept. (Self Threading / Submersible)
          1 Fanuc 1 I B
          1 Fanuc OiC
          1 Current Edm Drill CT500F
          1 Fanuc 1iE

EDM Sinkers
          1 Hansvedt SM-155 Booster Module
          3 Elox 8-2814 with Astra 50 Power Supply

Radial Drill Press Dept.
          1 4' Arm
          1 5' Arm

          1 Polamco 14" Swing Lathe

Finish Grinding Dept. (Dry)
          14 Mitsui 6x12 with Sony DRO
          1 Mitsui 6x12 with Sony DRO/Opti Dresser
          1 Mitsui 8x18 with Sony DRO

Finish Grinding Dept. (Wet)
          1 Mitsui 6x12 
          1 Mitsui 12x24 Model MSG 300 HG (Auto)
          1 Okamoto 12x24 Automatic
          2 Okamoto 16x32 Automatic

Manual Machining Dept.
          8 Bridgeport 2HP Vari Speed / Power Feed And Sony DRO Readouts

Inspection Equipment
          1 Brown & Sharp CNC Micro-Xcel PFx454 5P with Renishaw Touch Trigger Kit
          3 Mitutoyo TM 500 Measuring Microscope
          1 Mitutoyo PH 3500 Profile Projector 13
          2 Mitutoyo 14" Profile Projector PH350H
          25 Grade AAA (Various Sizes) Surface Plates
          6-Drop Indicator Stations
          (Note: All Inspection Equipment Certified Semi-Annually)

          4 Polishing Stations Equipped With Ultra Sonic Polishing Units and Microscope Polishing Viewer For That Extremely Close Tolerance Polishing

Sawing Dept.
          1 Hyd-Mech V-18 Hydraulic Saw
          1 Upright 24" Depth Cutting Say

Cad Dept.
          10 Cad Workstations With Unigraphics

Cam Dept.
          8 CNC Programming Workstations with Unigraphics

Specialty Dept. 
          1 Micro Welder
          1 Manifold Cleaning Prosodine Furnace

* Misc. Small Tooling and Inspection Equipment

We update this page frequently with new equipment or additions to existing machinery.

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