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To serve our customers we have developed CAD-CAM Departments that are second to none.   They are staffed with people experienced in developing many of the most difficult tools being built in the U.S. and around the Pacific Rim.

CAD Department

Our Cad Department consists of 8 dual Intel Xeon Cad Workstations, incorporating Unigraphics Version NX6,    These cad systems can manipulate and create anything from to 2-D wireframe to the most complex 3-D solid models.

CAM Department

Step through the doorway connecting the Cad and Cam Departments, and you will see that our Cam Department has 6 dual Intel Xeon  Cam Workstations.  The Cam Department incorporates Unigraphics Manufacturing Package Version NX6, Unigraphics Shops Die Mold Package, which are used for operating our 2-D and 3-D machining. 

CAD/CAM data transfer methods and compatibility

Unigraphics can import/export NATIVE NX FILES, IGES, PARASOLID, STEP, DWG and DXF files.

Data can be transferred in 4 ways presently

1). Via cdm ftp site on the internet.

2). Via your ftp site on the Internet.

3).Via cdm https extranet.

3). Via USB Memory Drive

4). Via CD-ROM / DVD-Rom

 NOTE: .  For security and data management reasons Creative Die Mold cannot accept  cad or zip files via email attachment. Please email Alex Gospodarek  or call him at 630-790-9731 ext 107 for FTP information / data transmission options.  

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